one of the more annoying things about this commuting thing is that i drive home and think “man! this is great running weather!” and by the time i get home, it’s too dark to do anything. bah.

speaking of driving….

compared to the last time i did this stint, i am saving a crapton of gas money. i still need to drive to and back from st cloud every week, but the distance to work from where i’m staying is actually less than my commute was down here to roch. so that’s a plus. last time i was doing this, i was driving 90 miles a day to get from austin to rochester for work. on top of the 175 each way back home. instead of filling up twice a week, i can get up there, go to work four days, and get back home on one tank of gas. huzzah!

ALSO. gas is not $3.95 a gallon like it was four years ago. (knock on wood.) that was heavy. so not only was i filling up twice a week, but it was at $70 a pop (i have an 18-gallon tank). 

to compare: $600/month last time (just for commuting – not any driving i did on the weekends). $160/month this go round for commuting. i was spending half that on just to and from rochester every month from st charles. that is fantastic. plus, i have been getting some killer gas mileage lately. 35 mpg this last tank, and that was mostly 70mph+ freeway driving. 

all this to say, i hope i can go for a decent run tomorrow. 

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