in an effort to feel less stressed about the world around me and focus on my resolution to be happy, i decided to finally go back to a dumb phone and set aside the constant overload of information that is the smart phone in my pocket. 

41qdbaubnhl-_sx425_i bought a motorola razr on ebay, and i got it in the mail yesterday, TEN YEARS TO THE DAY THAT STEVE JOBS INTRODUCED THE IPHONE. i take it as a sign.

i will keep my iphone, and i stuck my extra sim in it with the extra phone number i have. i will need to use it for work occasionally and i want to keep tracking my outdoor runs with runkeeper, as well as listen to podcasts and music on the run. so it’s not like i’ll be completely cold turkey.

so my phone number is in the razr. my imessages on my computer still works, so if you send me a text while a mac is on, i’ll get an imessage vs. a text message on my phone. that’s ok. emojis and pics!

i stopped at tmobile today to get my extra sim figured out, and the guy who helped me said he quit social media last year, and he’s been really happy with it. i’ve already taken steps to get rid of the news and negativity on my fb and twitter feeds. if it comes to it, maybe i’ll quit those, too. it’ll be like 2006 all over again. mapquest here i come! (no, really; no more google maps on my phone.)

in other news, it snowed today, and i got NEW snowpants in the mail, so i’m gonna go out and shovel. 

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