does the world really need us

tumblr_lbv9566xQG1qee12to1_r1_1280what makes me come alive? writing. taking pictures. sitting around a fire. being in the middle of a woods. my fingers in dirt. watching plants make their way through dirt. sprummer. autumn. may. october. stargazing. swimming. crabapple blossoms. going places. coming home. reading. reading. reading. making something. being with people i like. being alone. being.

while you read this, you were thinking about your own things that make you come alive. we are each our own microcosm. every single thing you are thinking – everyone else has those same intense thoughts. do you care or think about others’ thoughts as much as your own? as much as you care and are immersed in your own microworld is how much other people are not immersed or care about your microworld. 

so why does the world need more people who feel alive? we are all selfish anyway. we do good for the world; we are happy with ourselves. we do good for only ourselves; we are happy with ourselves. 

i’m getting cynical in my own age.


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