day 5: …

today was our last full day in california. πŸ™

we had no plans to do anything today, and i know jane at least made good on that. didn’t do much for the first hour i was awake, and then sat by the pool for a little bit before coming in and convincing jane to take a walk with me down ventura blvd. not a lot going on there except for some bright sun. i think if we were down a little farther on the strip, we would’ve seen a lot more stuff happening, like chandelier stores and adult bookshops. 

came back and had lunch at the hotel restaurant and i went back to sitting by the pool while jane wrote in the room (she was trying to avoid the heat). i came back to the room and on my way across the pool deck, i slipped on the tile and biffed in in front of all the pool patrons. thanks, kim*.

after checking out my bruised hip, i decided to go for a short run on the treadmill (finally! all week i didn’t run, so it was time). i hate seeing my distance on the treadmill counter because i’m so annoyed at how slowly i’m going, but i got two miles in and quit because there was NO FAN to cool me off. 

made it across the pool deck unscathed this time and took a shower before heading out to try the tortas mexico restaurant on ventura. mm mmm!! delish! i had two tacos with homemade tortillas and jane had a giant burrito the size of her head! i was also able to get some horchata and pineapple juice – yummy yummy! jane said she’d have to eat here if she lived here, and i said “she died like she lived; eating a burrito.” now it’s a thing.


got back to the room and packed up all our junk – OMG. what an ordeal. i was worried i wouldn’t get all my junk in my trunk, but i made it, after moving things around 20 times. then i forgot to pull out socks for tomorrow. hauled the suitcase back up and open. then i forgot to pull out a sleeping shirt. hauled the suitcase back up and open. then jane said “she died like she lived; packing her suitcase.” ugh, ain’t that the truth. was looking for my flipflops and realized they’re packed! good grief.

now we’re hanging out in our hotel room waiting for the pool area to clear out so we can spend some time in the hot tub before we have to leave. tomorrow we fly out at 1pm back to 40-degree weather**.

*kim was the travel agent for the travel voucher jane won who was supposed to help us figure everything out. turns out she was NOT helpful and NOT a good travel agent. seriously – leave for a conference for two weeks and don’t check your email AT ALL, especially the week before you leave? and then tell us the hotel is booked because she didn’t check her email? (also, the car rental prices she got us were about $100 more than what i found, and that was limited to 150 miles a day – HA. #thankskim).

**not sure how i’ll cope. i was sitting by the pool today and it got chilly so i decided to come back to the room. checked the temperature and it was 81ΒΊ.  -_-

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