i wasn’t sure if i should title this the clutter or declutter. some sort of compromise, i guess.

i’ve watched two or three videos in the past week that told people to declutter. so i guess it’s time. i went through a bunch of books and have a stack to sell, a stack to donate to the library, and a stack to donate to goodwill. i also have a stack of books that i don’t want but can’t get rid of because they’re inscribed. 

next up is my DVDs. i rarely watch movies off DVD anymore unless they’re holiday related. i do have blu-rays that i watch, but even my herk and xena dvds are available on netflix now (except for two x episodes because of music royalty issues). this is such a weird issue for me. books i can deal with because i know which ones i will read again (HP? yes. hunger games? yes. writing manuals? yes. etc. etc.). movies are a whole other ordeal. once i’ve watched them once, i feel like that’s it. but what if someone comes over and wants to watch a movie and i say i don’t have it? do we rent it from amazon? who knows. 

after that i think it’s time to go through my clothes again. that’s always a fun time. 

then the closet in the guest room, which is full of stuff i never use but need a place for. ugh! 

THEN. in march or april, on that one day when it’s 60ΒΊ and feels like spring has arrived but really hasn’t, i will clear out my shed and garage!! gotta make room for garden stuff!

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