curses, fda!

so i’ve been living another lie! i think the fda has recently started requiring food companies to list ALL ingredients, even those that comprise a very small amount. which means that things that have contained DS have gotten by me because it wasn’t required for it to be listed! but i’ve been seeing a lot of ingredients lists with a big old “Contains less than 2% of the following:…” and lots of times, DS is listed.

the only thing i could find in a quick internet search is this lady’s blog who lists the “2%” rule (#1).

case in point: M&Ms. i know i had read the ingredients list of M&Ms in the past and deemed them ok. yesterday i bought a $9 party pack for monster cookies, and guess what’s listed on the ingredients as less than 2%? yep, devil’s syrup.sigh. the damage was done, as that little DS isn’t going to affect my bowels in any way, and my goal is primarily monetary. now i’m going to have to start reading the ingredients lists of foods i’d already deemed awesome.

so while some companies are changing their recipes, ie honeymaid grahams, special K, worcestershire sauce, others are now finally required to list all their ingredients. i can’t win!

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