crap to do

i have crap to do and i just want to sit on my couch and binge-watch FRIENDS.

-mooc on the US food system

-go through caitlin’s pics

-read books

-more yoga

i also have pics to upload of my bedroom transformation. i painted over MLK weekend and sanded down a door for a headboard. i have to even out the door and add a frame, then put it on the wall. but FIRST i need to figure out the bed situation. i pulled my bed out from the wall and there was a mass of mold. huzzah. on the up side, i may have figured out why i am so sniffly and coughy all the time. so, i ordered a new mattress. now i need to find a low platform bed for it to sit on so i can get rid of the boxsprings. might have to make a trip to slumberland and check out what they have. 

how’s that for randomimity?

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