craigslist killer averted

i sold my chest freezer when nate and i moved (for too little, i might add).

i’ve been searching craigslist for a while for a decently sized chest freezer so i can get back to buying a quarter cow and hopefully some pork too. i needed something in the middle – nothing 5 cu. ft and not as big as my old one (25 cu. ft).

finally i found one in onalaska, so nate and i went over there today and got a medium-sized freezer – yay! it’s plugged in sitting the middle of my dining room right now to make 100% sure before hauling it down to the basement.

haven’t found the craigslist killer yet!

2 thoughts on “craigslist killer averted

  1. Anonymous

    I’ve never found the killer myself but I do keep my CO2 gun in my car on CL runs just in case. So far the worst thing I ran across was a guy who sold me a bum phone for 20 bucks.

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