come on, kate. get it together.

obvs i’m the one who needs to get it together. no blog posts for three days? what is this?? good grief. 

here’s what happened while i decided to not blog. 

  1. my green peppers started sprouting! here’s hoping they all have something going on today.
  2. liz, charlie, and i drove to lake city to check out hok-si-la park for charlie’s “i’m not dead” party. looks awesome! now i’m waiting to hear from the park lady on campsite availability and what dates would work. 
  3. leo won an academy award (finally)
  4. i pulled my hamstring trying to do full wheel at yoga last night. what a downer. 
  5. week five of half marathon training starts this week. bleah. 4-2-4–6 miles this week. 18 miles total! oy. 
  6. CAUCUS tomorrow. here goes nothing.

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