come on, al. get it together.

today i got an email from al franken’s office saying he supports hillary and to get out the caucus for hillary. this made me a little bit sad, especially for a guy who holds paul wellstone up as a beacon of emulation. 

i sent his office a nice email saying thank you for the reminder on the caucus, and i will be going to my first caucus ever next week in support of bernie sanders. i also said he was probably well aware of the reasons that bernie is the better choice for president, and that if hills is the candidate, i’m voting green. my guess is that the dem senators are supporting hillary because of money reasons. which is really unfortunate. i’m all for a female president, but i think we need to look for the best person for the job – the one who’s going to look out for the american people (not corporations).

Politics isn’t about big money or power games; it’s about the improvement of people’s lives.” – mr. wellstone himself


anyway, all this to say, go bernie. i am eager to go to the caucus and report on how that went. 

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