chucklpomo day 1: we meet

i have specific memories from each of my siblings’ births. with liz, i remember seeing the owatonna pizza hut on the drive up to minneapolis to meet her. kathleen, george, and i were in the car, and i had a new outfit on for the occasion. with jane, the morning of we had breakfast at harry’s in austin, and shortly after my parents were on their way up (and didn’t make it…but that’s another story). then my parents came back without a baby for a while, but eventually jane showed up.

when charlie was born, i was at the derry family reunion. my dad had driven me to the cities and dropped me off with bob and mimi, molly and lewis. we drove up to walker, had a grand ol’ time, i bought charlie something from the gift shop, and then we came back. the only memory that still sticks with me is stopping at a shop and being in the bathroom. the attendant came in and told molly and me that our dad was waiting for us. we looked at each other and laughed because bob’s not my dad. silly attendant!

i got home, and my mom greeted me at the door and pointed to the basinette that was in the kitchen. i tiptoed over to it and looked at this tiny, dark-haired person hanging out in the kitchen, sound asleep. it seemed like he, my mom, and i were the only people in the house, which could be possible; my dad could have taken liz and jane to be rambunctious elsewhere. it was dark outside, and the light was on over the sink, creating a glow through the basinette. i remember him just lying there, quiet and peaceful (though that would change…)

so here entered this fuzzy-headed little dude who finally broke the chain of girls my parents had. my other bookend. 

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