cat woes – sophie takes a trip to the vet

poor sophie. she just has no luck when it comes to head injuries. 

two years ago she faced a cat attacker and got a claw in her head, which got infected. now i woke up this morning, and one of her eyes was squinted closed after being a little squinty last night. this has happened before, but it usually has cleared up after a couple hours. my guess is that chasey gets a little too free with her claws and gets a little too close to sophie’s eyes. 

but this was pretty bad. we went to the vet this afternoon to have a look at her eye and see what can be done. i took her in the deluxe double-wide cat carrier (it’s ralf’s), in hopes that it would at least help her to not be cramped up. 

once in the exam room, i let her out to meet the vet, and she slinked out and across the counter, and her tail – only her tail! – was shaking with nerves. poor little cat. every time the vet went out the door, she perked up. probably looking for an escape route. 

she had her eye prodded – drops went in to highlight what was going on while the vet looked at her eye with a blacklight. she has an eye ulcer. hopefully they can be cleared up with some eye drops over the next week. 

then to top it all off, i opted for a rabies shot, which means she got a shot in her behind as well as her eye messed with. what an evil overlord i am. ๐Ÿ™ but overall she was good during her visit. no caterwauling or lashing out like a crazy cat a lรก chasey. back in the cat carrier and then home for some treats. 

she’s not looking too hot right now. her eye is gunked over and closed most of the time. she seems pretty calm for the first set of eyedrops, but the second set must sting, because she sure flinches when those get dropped in. then her fur gets all a mess from the drops, and she just looks pathetic for a while. 

all this to say, chasey needs to calm down.

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