i went to my first haunted house in a long time last night. last time i went i was pretty young – under 10 – and it was at the austin nature center. i don’t remember a lot about it, and it might not have been an actual scary walk through the woods. either way, it was time to step it up. 

former rctc buddy jenee has been going to haunted houses for years (decades, in fact!), all over the state. she decided to go to molitor’s haunted acres this year, which is my backyard, comparatively. so she and her haunted buddies drove up last night from roch (omg what a drive) and we went on a haunted hay ride and then through a haunted house, sewer, mineshaft, etc. 

i’m not a huge fan of scary movies – jumping is not my favorite thing in the world! so i went in to this experience with the mindset of “IT’S NOT REAL, THEY CAN’T HURT YOU, YOU’LL LIVE.”

i probably didn’t jump and scream as much as the actors wanted me to. :/

but it was fun and sorta scary and pretty creepy and overall a good time! but ultimately, i think it’d be fun to work at one of those and do the scaring. those people were really good at their jobs and you could tell they were having fun, too.

the main thing is to go with other people. no way would i do that alone! it’s great to just laugh your way through it with someone else. 

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