ah random

i forgot how fun it is to design crap! holy crap! my last job REALLY sucked.

anywho, classes at scsu start tomorrow, and i have my first class on thursday. i have been able to get all my classes to be evening classes except for this last semester. i have one evening class, and then one class tuesdays and thursdays noon-1:40. talk about a stupid time. seriously, i think it’s the only grad class that ISN’T offered as an evening class. pretty dumb if you ask me.

fall is approaching; i can smell it. i love fall, but i hate the beginning of cold. yuck.

nothing much else. i’m trying to find an easy part-time job to supplement my income. i’d love to work at a halloween store, but i have no idea how you go about applying for it. i can’t even remember the name of it.

that is all!

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