a rant

my brand new house has a ton of phone jacks all over. i have no use for them. you know what i do have a use for? ethernet cat5 jacks all over. you would think that builders would get a clue and start wiring houses for internet as well as cable and phone.

really; how hard is this???

really; how hard is this???

that said, my netflix/amazon prime streaming quality has been so bad lately, that last night i got finally got fed up with it. because of the no ethernet jacks, i’d been running the ps3 wirelessly, which apparently decreases signal strength when it has to run through two walls. i ran a 50-foot cat5 out and hooked it up.

aahhhhh *clouds part, sun shines*

now i have an unsightly cord running from the office to the far side of the living room, right where i can trip over it. when nate and i finish off the basement, cat5 jacks are definitely going in.

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