a few things

1. i am going to be published in rochester women’s magazine! how exciting. i submitted a version of my pumpkin pie thanksgiving story. i’m hoping anything out there will be better than nothing. i’m really hoping someone offers me money to write for them.

2. if you want to start yoga, i highly recommend fightmaster yoga on youtube. the instructor has the most soothing voice for yoga, and the time flies by – namaste. she has beginner, intermediate, and yoga specifically for weight loss, certain poses, etc. she has a ton of videos. that was my problem previously with yoga: i was doing the same thing over and over. a little variation helps a ton! i do it without a mat on my living room carpet; so far it’s been working. my core is definitely getting the workout it was missing.

3. mn blogger conference this weekend! i was going to go just for me, but after looking at the schedule and talking to my coworker, it’s probably going to be helpful for work, too. so i’m going for work and taking friday off! woo!

4. i gotta carve pumpkins!

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