thoughts on lesley

thoughts on lesley

i checked my email this morning, and there was an update on lesley fightmaster from her husband duke.

he asked for comments about lesley to share during her memorial. here’s what i wrote. 

What I loved best about Lesley is that her practices were exactly what I needed at exactly the right time. One day, I’d had an especially disheartening review at work and was working on building myself up, but I knew that I would be all right when I brought up Fightmaster Yoga and the new video for that day was yoga for letting go.

I’ve been practicing Fightmaster Yoga since 2013, and after we lost Lesley, I considered finding a new channel. BUT – I found that grief is best spent honoring the one you lost. And so I continue to spend my evenings with Lesley. I love her gentle manner toward ourselves, I love her lilting, encouraging voice, and I love that she is there – and will be (thank you, Duke and family).

Right now I am in the middle of YogaFix90, and I felt a jolt of happiness when I heard Indy was also practicing it. And when Emma Kitty came on screen while I was watching this video, as I was petting my Stannie cat, I could do nothing but smile through tears for Lesley. I never met Lesley in person, but I do my best to honor her legacy on and off the mat.

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