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Day: March 14, 2021

yay axial tilt!

yay axial tilt!

too often it seems i am deriding the axial tilt rather than giving it a pat on the back occasionally. so, here’s a little ditty about the positive axial tilt we’re seeing this time of year! i know many people think daylight saving is horrible, but you know what? if i can get out of work at the end of the day and have a chance to relax just a bit and then go on a run rather than rush around to get a run in before the sun sets, I’LL TAKE IT.

so, spring is on its way. meteorological spring was march 1, and come march 20, astronomical spring will be upon us. it won’t be another month at least until the ground and grass catch up, but the birds are out there chirping away, and chipmunks are chittering and trying to take over my garage. due to the lack of snow this winter, i was able to avoid having to dig out a ditch for the snowmelt that runs down my driveway and into my pond.

and there’s definitely a lighter feeling in the air, whether it’s due to the long last year we’ve been through as a collective people with the pandemic, or i’ve just been so inured to the winter blahs* that anything different is great.

i went shopping on saturday evening, and it was definitely a different atmosphere out there (and not really for the good). i don’t know if i’d just not been out on a saturday night recently or what, but there were a lot more people out in the stores without masks, roving in gangs. i have to feel bad for the employees having to deal with this, ugh. once i get my vaccine (AS SOON AS I CAN, DAD!), i’m still wearing my dumb mask. (i also can’t imagine any of those weirdos were vaccinated – you can spot a redneck from a mile away. however, they may have had covid already.)

i was able to get out for a 7-mile run on saturday, which is the first time i’ve run that distance in probably 4-5 months. and it wasn’t bad! in fact, i’d say it was pretty good. my time was good, and my muscles were pretty chill afterward (usually my muscles are ready to poop out after mile 5, but i maybe could’ve gone another mile and been ok). we’ve got another couple chilly days coming up, but maybe wednesday and probably thursday i’ll be able to get out for an outdoor run. (the treadmill isn’t retired quite yet.)

i have a short work week this week and then on friday i’m off to st charles for birthday fun. unfortunately, my workweek is going to be nutso and i’ll be burnt out, so that 3-day weekend will probably be just me unfizzling just in time to go back to work. this is not a fun time of year at work.

anyway, this has turned into less about axial tilt, so let’s bring it back. a haiku:

yay axial tilt
slowly pushing the north to
a sunnier place

*i have said in the past that february is really the worst month, but you know one good thing about feb? the light stays up longer. it may be edging into second-to-last place. (sorry november. you lose.)

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