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Day: March 7, 2021

warm weekend welcome

warm weekend welcome

first of all, let’s just give a shoutout to the weather. i know it’s unrealistically optimistic march weather and there’s still a lot of opportunity for snow, but let’s take what we can get after that deep freeze we had a month ago.

so this weekend, i had my best ever 10k run at 11:12 / mile on saturday, then i went for an “easy” run on sunday and ran that at about 12/mile. this is the sort of treadmill to road transition i always hope for, and i’m not holding my breath that it will last, but i’ll take what i can get.

also this weekend, i had about 24 hours of vaccine gloriousness during which i thought i was eligible to get the covid shot for educators. i made an appointment! i was ready to go tuesday morning! i was gonna take a selfie and post it all over! but alas, i had to cancel because centracare couldn’t go against MDH rules, even though they had appointments open and are having trouble filling them.

know what this tells me? if you haven’t made an appointment yet and are in an eligible group, get your shot! (dad!)

but the highlight of my weekend was having an argument about plural possessives on twitter. like, has the general populace just never retained anything they learned in third grade? so many people just did NOT get that 43 families’ homes should not be 43 family’s homes or, weirdly enough, 43 families’ home. unless we’re talking about a housing complex. so, thanks to NPR originally for a giant typo in the article that prompted this. they could have avoided all this if they had just said 43 homes. good grief.

so, another couple warm days before we dip down to regular march temps, but that’s still better than -20, so welcome spring. in more ways that one!

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