the only saving grace that february has is that the sunlight is out substantially longer than the previous two months. i’m so happy that i still see a glimpse of the gloaming after 6:30 these days. but THANKS climate change for this absurd weather. there’s maybe 2″ of snow on the ground outside, and then it’s -40 for like, two weeks. whatever, weather. and then tomorrow (feb. 22), it’s supposed to be 40º after we had highs in the sub-zeroes for like, a week.

i’ve been plugging away on the treadmill, and just tonight i was like, is this ever going to end? i’m about at the end of my treadmill rope for the season, so it’s a good thing march is right around the corner. march is fickle running time, and it’s always difficult to dress for running in march. but i’ll take it over the treadmill. plus, now that i have my handy sports mask, that will help out with breathing in cooler air.

i started the most difficult puzzle i’ve done so far. it’s a collage of seed catalogs, so they all look similar, and it’s all vegetables. so while i’m getting inspired for spring, i’m also getting annoyed with the puzzle part of it. i’m slowly getting through it, though. can you tell i’m struggling for blog posts? ha! it’s a sad day when i have to wax non-eloquent about my puzzling in my blog.

i’m getting burnt out at my job. ugh. maybe a change in seasons will help. there’s a lot going on and not enough peoplepower behind the projects.

just 3 months until vacation! i’ll keep that in my sights as a thing to get me through the doldrums of the season!

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