gnarly blister

gnarly blister

when i was 2 or 3 – i don’t know exactly except i don’t think liz was around – we lived in a drafty farmhouse with questionable heating. we had a wood stove in the kitchen, which meant we spent a lot of time in the kitchen during the colder months. since we spent time in the living room too (with the 5 channels on TV and the best record player ever), my parents had a kerosene heater that stood in the corner. the bedrooms were chilly.

one evening, i was being 3 years old and dancing around the living room like a 3 year old should, and i came in for the big finale – TADA – and placed my hand on the top of the heater! oh, man.

i spent the evening with my hand in ice water in our very-70s-esque mixing bowl and watching donald duck holiday specials on tv.

so, it should come as no surprise that i ended up pouring hot water over my knuckles this past weekend! cleaning the microwave comes with some serious side effects. anyway, my blister’s pretty gnarly!

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