bwca: day 3

bwca: day 3


  • 1 lake
  • 0 portages
  • no breaking camp
  • washed my shorts and tank
  • much hammock time
  • 1 book

today was a lazy day. it started off cool – i was able to use the layers i brought for the chilly nights the (revised) forecast had predicted. eventually, the day warmed with the sun burning away the clouds and the wind dying down a little bit.

i’m surprised by no peanut butter in the food bag or even desserty things, but then o am avoiding the rice krispie treats and fruit snacks (do not need a devils syrups reaction in the woods… or maybe the best place? limited TP with us tho!).

so after pancakes for breakfast (mine had butter and trail mix on it) and a few snacks, we set off for a short paddle on our large lake to check on the petroglyph on a calmer lake and then float through a couple islands on the way through a small bay. we encountered a couple of loons barking at each other. i’d never heard anything like it! they kept diving and popping back up to bark at each other.

the only moose i saw on #moosewatch2020

i also took my camera with on the short trip and was ok with pulling it out – didn’t need it to drop into the drink!

spent most of the rest of the afternoon reading a book in the hammock before scarfing down spaghetti for supper.

my achilles calf area is super tight. hope it figures itself out and doesn’t cause probs on the portages.

tomorrow we star our way back. i’m glad we had this day of “rest” in the middle.

i stink. i’m looking forward to a shower.

tonight greg is going to make bannock bread – looking forward to trying that out! might take a short cruise in a canoe, but it’s turned a bit windy, so we’ll see. lakeside yoga is nice.

the bannock bread was good! it was basically a biscuit but instead of baking it, the traditional way is to wrap it around a stick and roast it over a fire. we also made a few in a pot drizzled with butter, which was much better than the fire bread. definitely could’ve used some PB or honey on them!

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