BWCA: day 2

BWCA: day 2


  • 2 portages
  • 3 lakes
  • 1 rapids (!)
  • petroglyphs
  • wind
  • 4-star campsite
  • sad breakfast
  • very little sleep
  • off the water by 1 p.m.
  • naptime!

now i’m hanging in a hammock from 2 pine trees on an island site with a sandy beach and pine needle-ridden ground. the tents should be on softer ground now. last night was rough. whoever can come up with a sleeping mat that doesn’t cause my hips to start aching in the night will get all my money. i spent $100+ for the klymaloft and it DID stay inflated, but my my hip bones hurt. tonght i’m going to try putting the kush under my butt and try back sleeping. oof.

so today we left a little after 8 a.m. – the sunrise was burning off the morning fog and was nice to check out @6:30.

lots more lake canoeing today with 2 short portages – they both were rocky and a little treacherous. definitely want to watch the footing.

we made it to our 4-star campsite with a STONE TABLE that people would pay $$$ to have in their kitchens. sandy beach, nice rocky outlook. we got there about an hour before the previous group was ready to head out – we took a little tour of the petroglyphs across the way, had lunch, and got back just in time for them to leave. good news because the lake was choppy due to wind, and no one wants to canoe in that.

now i’m ready for a snooze. maybe more updates later.

we just missed a storm – from our vantage point, it looked like were were in a pocket of solace. after a sprinkle-pocked evening, the thunder rolling away in the distance, no big storms surfaced and we were all in bed by 9 p.m.

i slept 10 hours.

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