late summer in the time of covid

late summer in the time of covid

most years i’m super excited about the lake time i get. big lake time. my mom’s side family reunion is an annual event held up at leech lake. this year, however, everyone bailed due to covid (#thankscovid) and the only ones who decided to do something was my sisters and me. so last weekend, we headed up there for our fake reunion.

which was ok. i mean, it was a little weird. phill came to visit one afternoon, but other than that, it was just us hanging out, which is very different from what it normally is. plus our cabin was super small! but we had some fun, had some paddleboard time, and ate way more food than i should have.

but you know what that means? summer is OVER. booo. august is almost here, and the light is starting to flit away. #thanksaxialtilt

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