a bakery review: flour and flower

a bakery review: flour and flower

this morning i drove into st. joe to check out the new bakery, flour and flower, that’s connected to the highly publicized new restaurant, krewe. i don’t know what st. joe’s 15 year plan is lately, but whatever it is, they’re doing it right, because i love everything about that little town. and the little wood-shingled building that houses flour and flower is everything i’d want if i decided to own a bakery.

the little entryway is tiny, and only 3 people could be in there at a time, but it was worth the very short wait to get in.

i nearly passed out from happiness. as advertised, flour goods and flower goods are available. i picked up a bouquet of late summer flowers, grabbed two cookies (both had molasses in them and brown sugar), and added a piece of the chia honey custard pie on my order. coffee was available if i’d wanted, and the shelves behind the counter that holds all the bread was empty – i had arrived too late for bread!

the good news is they’re open at 7 a.m. tomorrow, so i might swing over there again to check out what other baked goods they have, and get a FLOUR POWER shirt that i nearly got today but restrained myself. (i don’t know why i restrained myself.) it’s got a hippie vibe and is just so perfect.

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