well, so far i’ve had to cancel a couple trips due to covid, but by hell or high water, i’m going to leech lake this weekend for my “family” reunion.

every year, the derry side gets together. well, since covid is a thing this year, all but my sisters and me have decided to ditch the regular get together. probably a good idea, but dang it i want a lake. so liz and fam, jane, and i are headed up to “fake reunion” on saturday to spend 3 days.

it’ll be much quieter, i’m sure, and probably more sober. but it will still be really fun and interesting to see how we spend our time differently. in the past, it’s always been difficult to leave the lake to check out walker or some other place because god forbid you might miss out on something fun (usually not – it’s mostly just us all sitting around and talking or reading or just being with each other, which is ok). so we’ll see what activities and highjinks we get up to this year!


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