work in the time of covid-19

work in the time of covid-19

nate last night “these essential services and stay at home mandates are just a way to keep rich people safe.”


i can’t deny that 🙁 i’m working from home right now, yet nate still heads to holiday every night for his overnight shift. he says there are still some people who come in, but it’s not anywhere near what it was.

it feels like the essential worker industries are all subjective, too. there’s a concrete place in albany that manufactures concrete countertops that has deemed itself. how is that essential? i’d choose my massages to release my intense neck knots as essential over a new countertop at this point.

all this to say, i am an essential worker. i get it! we ended up pausing right in the middle of the semester, and to disrupt a college degree by pushing everything back by 6 months is kind of weird. so education goes on. it’s understandable. a lot of our classes are moving online, which sucks for a lot of students who don’t really like online classes. i know i couldn’t do an online class.

but while education is essential, all employees are encouraged to work from home. so i’ve got my setup.

when i first set this up, the two monitors on the left were my work computer and the two on the right my personal. after 3 days of trying to throw windows on the 3rd monitor from the left, i bought a connector and now three screens are for work and one for personal.

my coworkers are nice. they sleep most of the time, and occasionally they want attention and come sit on my lap and snuggle. and now that covid communication has died down a little bit, it’s possible that i might just get some actual work done. which will be really nice when there are no distractions of the workplace.

except now i’ve got the distraction of a dirty house!

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