what to wear, what to wear

what to wear, what to wear

let’s talk what to wear while running, since the weather is heading toward “comfortable-ish” for me to run. (i know people run in sub-freezing temps, but that’s just not something i like to do.)

so all winter long i hit the treadmill and wear my regular summertime running clothes: shorts and a tank top. but when the weather regularly hits 40º or above? oh boy, it’s time for the only existential running question i have: WHAT DO I WEAR.

if it’s 65º+, there is no question that it’s shorts and a tank. 55º-65º? tshirt and shorts, or closer to 55 – i put on my arm sleeves.

but 40? ugh. it’s so difficult. i wear long pants, and i will put on tight shorts underneath because my butt gets cold, but what to wear on top? i am always freezing when i start out, but if i wear too many layers, i get so warm. and sometimes it’s windy, so one way i’m freezing and the other way i’m dying of a heat stroke.

a couple weeks ago when it was 40 and sunny out, i wore a merino wool long sleeved shirt and a windbreaker, and i was chilly on top. this was after i tried on 3 different combos and stood outside for a couple minutes in each. i had to keep moving to make sure i didn’t get downright cold. that may have called for one more layer – maybe a tight tank top under the wool shirt.

what gets really sticky is when it’s 40 and overcast and kind of damp outside. the dampness almost makes it a little colder and you don’t have the sun to warm you up. is it time for a hat at that point?

so this weekend when i run my 9 miles outside, i’m both looking forward to it and not. it’s supposed to be closer to 50 and sunny, which should be a little easier and might be time for the outfit i wore a couple weeks ago.

but really what i’m looking forward to is 60º+ and not having to worry about what to wear.

here’s my somewhat useful breakdown, in addition to socks, shoes, runderwear:

65+: tank and shorts

55-65: tshirt and shorts – sometimes arm warmers

45-55: long sleeved shirt and light jacket (or tshirt over top of shirt) and running capris or long pants. maybe gloves if you’re feeling them and it’s windy.

40-45: tank, long sleeved shirt, fleece/windbreaker/light jacket, two layers of bottoms (could be a pair of tight short and long pants or longjohns and long pants). gloves.

35-40: tank, shirt, fleece/light sweatshirt or jacket, and windbreaker if it’s windy, three layers of bottoms (longjohns, shorts, and long pants for me and my cold butt). headwear of some sort, gloves, and maybe a removeable light scarf (depending on your collar of your jacket/s)

below 35: get on the treadmill.

march run 2017 – probably the 40-45 range. note the fleece and the neck protection/zipper action on fleece. lots of times cooling off or warming up the neck will do wonders for temperature control.

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