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Day: November 12, 2019

a mix of some electronics reviews

a mix of some electronics reviews

today disneyplus debuted, and being the sucker i am, i signed up for the free trial. to whit: i am currently watching “the three caballeros.”

i am streaming it via my chromecast (named chromecats haha) from the app on my phone.

WHY, you ask?

i stream netflix, amazon, hulu, etc. through my playstation 3 to my tv. but guess what? playstation stopped supporting the PS3 in march. and so disney isn’t releasing a PS3 app, which is only slightly annoying.

so i have two options to throw disney up on my TV: stream through my browser to my chromecast or from the disney app to the chromecast. the problem with this is that i’m not sure if i would use disneyplus as much as i would if it were on my ps3 as an app. but we’ll see what happens. i’ve got 7 days on a free trial to make up my mind!