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Day: October 28, 2019

fall vibes monday four

fall vibes monday four

oh hello! here are some random thoughts for this almost-end-of-october day.

on fall vibes

well, not feeling the fall vibes. sure, it’s cold. and the leaves are mostly gone. the treadmill’s back in use (ugh). but i’m still not feeling like fall’s my bff. looking forward to halloween, but not in an “omg it’s halloween!” sort of way. ๐Ÿ™ maybe it’s because it was kind of a weird fall again. never really a string of 55-70ยบ days like i want it to be – either hot or cold. i mean, it was 29ยบ when i left work this afternoon. that’s december weather, come on.

i’ve invited my family to come for thanksgiving, as nate took the whole week off and won’t be grumpy about people (as much anyway). i don’t know if anyone is coming though. ๐Ÿ™ i guess we’ll see what happens with that. i’m kind of looking forward to thanksgiving – does that count as fall vibes?

on vsco girls.

so what is a vsco girl? i saw the term on twitter a couple weeks ago and had to google it because it suddenly became a thing. turns out that a basic b–ch is now a vsco girl (my ascertained understanding). vsco is an app that you can use to edit photos, and girls (mostly white teenage girls) will pose in their scrunchies and other brought-back 90s apparel, and post to instagram or some other photo-sharing app. i guess the terms sksksksk and i oop are also used by vsco girls, of which both terms are pretty much stolen from minority slang (and as well all have learned with “woke,” once it’s slang is stolen from the minorities, it’s jumped the shark).

meh. now i know i guess. time to find my vintage scrunchies? (carrie bradshaw is dying inside.)

i liked berger.

on the craigslist killer

i once again survived the CL killer! except, a couple caveats (no i’m not blogging from the beyond). this was actually a facebook marketplace transaction. AND it was my first successful marketplace transaction!

BUT i have a NEW LENS. and it’s my first L series from canon, which is super fancy. so, my wide angle lens kicked the bucket. the aperture is sticking and it won’t close. i checked prices to fix it, and it was anywhere from $150-200, which isn’t great for a lens that doesn’t work that well with my new camera anyway. so instead, i perused the used ads for a comparable lens, and lo! i found one on FB. i met up with the guy on friday night in the cities and got a lens and a fancy filter for a steal. i’ve already sold the filter for $80, so really? i’ve saved $150 for not fixing the one lens and made $80 off my purchase. i have yet to test out the lens, as this weekend was pretty awful weather wise, but i’m hoping for an opportunity in the next week to try it out a little better.

on scary movie month

scary movie month is not going that well. as halloween is almost upon us, i feel like i need to ramp up quickly. the good news is i’ve gotten through all the screams (the ones that count, anyway. [i’m looking at you, 4]) and seen cabin in the woods, tucker and dale vs. evil, and from dusk til dawn.

the only additional ones i really want to watch are hocus pocus and evil dead II. i getter get done with this blog post so i can watch one.

on this upcoming weekend

i’m heading to the SE this weekend! i’m going to roch on friday to meet up with jenee, then we’re celebrating charlie’s cheatin the reaper day with some cake and celebrations. i’m attempting a new recipe for a monster cookie cake, which includes oatmeal choco chip cake and peanut butter frosting. sounds delish. and on that note, i’m also not doing well on this month’s dietbet. mexico really screwed me up and now i’m not sure if i’ll make this month’s goal. i thought that november would be my downfall (curse you thanksgiving!) but it might be october. hoping i can get it together in the next four days :/

ok. fall vibes out. off for some treadmill time and then hopefully a scary movie.

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