in which i make some money

in which i make some money

i do not advertise my photography skills to peeps. i probably could if i felt like it would be viable and i was past the whole “yeah this is ok but i’m not great at this” mindset.

that said, i will take photos of people i know who request my services. before this month, i’d done less than 5 weddings, several family photos. but like i said, i don’t generally agree to do photos for peeps because:

  1. it’s stressful. knowing that i can MISS THE SHOT. it’s not fun to run from one side of a place to another in record seconds to get another viewpoint. (sure a second shooter would fix this, but i feel like i’m at a second shooter skill level. who’d second shooter me? lol.)
  2. it’s so draining. i have to basically spend an entire day with a bunch of people i don’t know telling them what to do. after a wedding i’m exhausted and ready to pass out.
  3. while i enjoy the processing part, it does take a lot of time. i’d rather process than take the pics. but what’s the stressful part of that is when i upload the photos to my computer and start to go through them – did i GET THE SHOT??? oh lord i hope so. it’s sort of like watching a scary movie through your parted fingers in hopes that it all works out in the end.

so, when i got a referral from a former coworker for a wedding this month and then talked to another coworker who was getting married also this month, i ended up with two weekends in a row of wedding photos.

i haven’t taken wedding photos for compensation in seven years!!! (i took reception pics for my cousin molly in 2014 but that was really low key.)

so my one qualification for me to do your wedding pics? NO BRIDEZILLA. this must be STRESS FREE.

and so i ended up with two weddings this month.

the first was at a yacht club, and the second was at the albany pioneer days grounds. i knew more people at the yacht club one and i had fun, but man the pioneer one with strangers was a blast.

so, a couple pics from the first wedding that i’m glad turned out.

next weekend i’ll work on the second wedding!

2 thoughts on “in which i make some money

  1. These are nice shots!

    I can relate to this. I do not consider myself a photographer by any stretch of the imagination but I agreed to shoot my friend’s wedding like…11 years ago, and honestly thought I was going to have an anxiety stroke. Never again!

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