Takeaway Tuesday

Takeaway Tuesday

i’m reading a book called “invisible women: data bias in a world designed for men” and it makes me mad. there are so many things i could rant about, but the section on the medical world made me want to storm into hospitals and clinics everywhere. i haven’t finished it yet, but i highly recommend it.

i finished up the third season of stranger things, and can i just say that steve is my favorite character*? if you compare him to the person he was at the beginning of season one, he’s a completely different character. the way he reacted to robin (you know if you know) made me smile so hard. good guy steve! *dustin’s a close second.

it’s hot out and somehow i drag myself out onto the asphalt every night for a run, where i sweat rivulets down my front and back and sweat drips off my elbows and flies off my fingertips. somehow i manage to get at least two miles in but mostly 3 and 4. and somehow i average a less-than 12-minute mile. riddle me that. i don’t know how i’m doing it.

I DID A HARRY POTTER PODCAST. it was fantastic. i spent an hour and a half with like-minded nerds and we all just talked shop and knew what we were talking about. i felt a little out of place, as the other three people podding were regulars, but it turned out just fine. there is a teaser coming on july 31 (harry’s bday) with the full episode released on sept. 19 (hermione’s bday). i’ll post it here when it’s released!

speaking of HP, i think i’m going to get the HP book chapter stars tattooed on my wrist.

this weekend is my derry family reunion, which is always a boatload (heh) of fun! i’m hoping to get up to the lost 40 again as a day trip and then also force liz to do a long run on an actual trail in the area. also, much lake time. MUCH LAKE TIME. (and booze.) (and fun.) (and seeing peeps!) (and the a-pine!)

ok, i’m out.

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