the sun the run

the sun the run

my blogging has been flagging lately, that’s for sure. let’s blame the winter blahs. seriously, the only thing pulling me through at this point is that i know spring will come because the sun is out longer during the day.

speaking of sun being out longer during the day, i have to say that one of the plus sides of running through the winter, yes, even on the treadmill, is that it has kept any seasonal depression at bay. i’ll put up with that boring treadmill so i can be happy and eat food!

anyway, the great thing about the sun being out longer is that i feel more compelled to do stuff. i drive home from work when it’s dark out and i just want to be a slug (well, i overcome slugginess to run on the treadmill), but even during february, i drive home in the bright shiny sunlight and it’s like a new lease on life! when should i do?

of course, there’s 3 feet of snow and it’s -16, so i can’t do much.

then it’ll be suddenly june and i’m driving home from somewhere thinking i’ve got a ton of time left in the evening because the sun’s just setting and it’s 9:30 with bedtime an hour away. (looking forward to those days!)

at this rate, there will still be snow on the ground at that point.

(seriously, the highs this time of year are around 30º. climate change is really being mean.)

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