state park followup

state park followup

…and some other stuff!

  1. i FINALLY got my state park plaque in the mail. it took a little longer than the 6-8 weeks promised, but it arrived and now it’s sitting on a shelf.
  2. WONDERS NEVER CEASE we had a late start on monday and then TWO DAYS where campus was closed, so no work but paid days for me! in talking to other peeps, this is unheard of. but, it’s also the coldest weather MN has seen in 20 years, so i’ll take it! at this point, we’re waiting to hear on tomorrow. it’s possible that we get a late start. definitely have to work friday though!
  3. and since i have cleaned and sorted out my filing cabinet and got a haircut and altogether exhausted my non-couch items to do on my days off, i am baking some cookies today

    these cookies are like crack. brown sugar cookies from america’s test kitchen. i think i’m also going to make some chocolate chippers.
  4. as far as what’s been happening, megan and i went to the tattoo convention a couple weeks ago, which was REALLY entertaining. seeing all the peeps there, some with no tattoos, some literally covered, was a feast for the eyes. definitely worth the money to get in! i’d recommend it to anyone who wants to step outside their comfort circle!

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