i haven’t had a chance to get to my photos i took, but i just wanted to post briefly about the fact that yesterday, oct. 6, i finished up a 6-month endeavor to visit all the state parks in minnesota.

*applause for self*

i finished up by visiting sakatah lake state park, which is just west of faribault, and rice lake state park, just east of owatonna. and while i’m going to wait until i get my photos to do my reviews of the parks, here are a couple items of interest:

1. i filled out a form at rice lake, which they are going to send in to the state office, for a plaque that says i finished. exciting!

2. they were completely impressed by the fact that i visited all of them in 6 months. i find it surprising that there aren’t many people who finish in a short amount of time. they asked if i had summer off – i said no, i work 40 hours and only took maybe 4 days off total for this. maybe most of the people who do this are severely casual about the whole thing. not sure.

3. i’m going to edit my editorial to include some more information, and then i will send it to the startribune.

4. i will also do a top 5 parks post! i’m excited for that, because it’ll be interesting to see what i choose as number 4 and 5. maybe i’ll do a top 10.

5. we are scheduled for a trip to itasca next summer already! i am totally excited for it already.

that’s all i’ve got right now for parks. i’m happy i’m finished, and i’m happy that i know what parks i’ll visit again. and i’m really happy that i accomplished this goal!


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