some things

some things

now that ragnar is over and the summer is winding down and i only have two state parks to go and it’s 8:20 p.m. and pitch black outside, i feel like interesting blogging time is spiraling into a black hole.


  1. i went for probably the best run of my summer the other night. the weather was mid-50s and pushed me along, it was a road run so no worrying about tumbling into a divot, and it’d been 3 days since my last run. i would’ve been happy with two miles, aimed for three, and actually ran four. and it was my fastest four-mile run! unfortunately, it really aggravated my bruise and now i think i need to wait til the bruise is more healed. which ok because
  2. BLACK HILLS next week! ready to head to my happy place. i’ll try to blog every night with pics and all that good stuff. we have no real plan besides where we’re staying each night, so it’ll be interesting to see what we do. i thought about bringing my running gear, but it’s about 4000′ more in altitude than here, so i’d probably die sucking in air. that’s ok. i can take a week off from running.
  3. hm i just checked the weather out there for the week. lots of rain of course. oh well. better than work!

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