motivation monday (but on a saturday!)

motivation monday (but on a saturday!)

you know it’s been a sad state of affairs lately when you spend an entire saturday cleaning and fixing stuff around the house and afterward you’re amazed at how good it looks. i started with the living room and couldn’t get over how nice it was so i just kept right on cleaning. and i painted the wall that’s needed painting for about 8 months (still need to do something about the floor, but that’s another day’s project).

here’s an update this blog will be happy to hear about: this weekend i survived the craigslist killer and bought a new camera. a canon 5d mark III, which is a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUge upgrade from my sad 30D. oh, 30D, you did me so good for 11 years. but this will be a fantastic step up for things like STAR photography and low-light photos and overall photo loveliness. i parted with a large sum of money for this, so it’d better be SUPER awesome at stuff.

first couple photos taken with new cam? the peonies in my garden.

i’m ready, 5d. let’s get my photivation back on track.

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