to keep myself accountable for running, i’ve downloaded an app called runbet (thanks, pubert!), where i get to bet $$$ against myself completing a running program. there’s a giant pot and the people who don’t finish don’t get their money back; it’s split among all the finishers. i chose an easy one to start with. i really hope i don’t biff it my first week because…

…i’m getting a tattoo on my right thigh tomorrow! if it’s anything like my ankle tattoo, i’ll be up and running the next day. all i ask is that i get two more runs in this week. it should be ok. tattoos mostly feel like sunburns after the first day. (oh, i’m getting crabapple blossoms.)

it’s super downtime at work suddenly, and it’s both a relief and kind of scary at the same time. then i remember that most people don’t have miles and miles of lists of things to do at work, and i feel a little bit better about life.

i have got to get my garden tilled. i am anxious to get stuff in in the ground, and all i need to do is get it tilled.

omg i’ve got to go. stan is sitting on my lap, which is unprecedented. he never sits on my lap! *hearteyes*

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