state parks: first visit

state parks: first visit

i wanted to get my state park passport before heading down to rochester on friday, so i headed down to lake maria state park today after my half marathon. it also helped stretching out the legs after the run.

i picked up the passport then wanted to go to the lake, but the road was gated due to weather. so i parked and walked a little bit. as long as i set foot in a park (no staying in the car), i’m counting it as a visit.

i grabbed my camera and headed out. it was muddy and snowy on the gravel road, but i went maybe a quarter mile then turned around.

side note: i may drive down there at some point to see if i can do a trail run. it might be frowned upon, but i should at least try it.

photos aren’t great. it was mid-day, which is awful for good looking photos, and it was pretty monotonous.

this was the only green i encountered. it occurred to me that these visits will also be a nice study in seasonal change in the state.

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