a cautionary tale in 3 parts

a cautionary tale in 3 parts

part 1:

2 years ago i went to watch hannah after i saw craig being born (that in itself is a cautionary tale, but one for a different blog post. or a never happening blog post. anyway.) hannah was almost three and, being a three-year-old, was kind of a pain in the butt when it came to getting stuff done. to get her to do anything, i learned to threaten her with leaving without her. so we were together for an overnight and into the next day. 

part 2:

so, being a three-year-old, hannah took about five hours to get ready for bed. she changed (finally). she brushed her teeth (eventually). she crawled into bed and i read her book (i was quick at least). and i turned off the light and went to go watch a movie – inside out (poor bing bong!!!). hannah came out not long after. she needed a drink. ok, get a drink. back to bed. 15 minutes later – kate! kate! come here! what?? blanket needed adjusting. ok, fine. you need to sleep, ok? no more. bye. 10 minutes. kate! kate! kate! kate! kate! kate! kate! UUUGGHHH, WHAT. there’s something making noise. 

part 3:

noise? i took my chance. it was early december, after all. 
“you know what that noise is, hannah?” tiniest of head shakes. “that’s santa’s elves outside your window, watching you to make sure you’re good.” eyes widen. “so you’d better be on your best behavior. otherwise…NO PRESENTS.” silence and nodding nodding nodding. 
silent night.

2 thoughts on “a cautionary tale in 3 parts

  1. OMG this is great!!! if you told me this, i don’t remember. this is awesome. thanks again for watching her that weekend. sorry you witnessed the birth of craig 🙁

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