meme monday

meme monday

remember when we would post memes like this on livejournal every other day? those were the days! sure, i stole this from facebook, but it’s the essence of the meme that counts, right? 🙂
also, siblings, if you want to offer different opinions, feel free!
SIBLING WAR! Answer how you feel about you and your siblings.
1. Who’s the smartest? Me
2. Most spoiled? Charlie
3. Most sensitive? Jane
4. Worst temper? Jane?
5. Most social? Charlie
6. Most stubborn? Me
7. Who’s Dad’s favorite? hmm…. 
8. Most likely to fight someone? none of us I think
9. Best cook? Me
10. Best Clothes and Shoes? Liz
11. Who was the bad kid? Charlie
12. Who has the biggest Heart? Liz 
13. Who’s the quietest? Me
14. Who’s the worst driver? CHARLIE
15. Who was born 1st? Me
16. Who is better at sports? ????
17. Best hair? Charlie when he grows it out
18. Most organized? Me
19. Coffee drinker? all of us! (charlie wants to drink it but can’t)
20. Who is the loudest? Charlie
21. Most expensive taste? Liz
22. Most bossy? probably me but could be Jane?
23. Funniest? Jane

3 thoughts on “meme monday

  1. i’ll take the sports one. mom’s favorite depends on the day. am i still dad’s favorite? i think it could be a non-issue as adults. or cha is the resident favorite just by nature of surviving.

  2. I think liz is the favorite because she has the kids. I also give sports to liz. Charlie has enough on that list-he doesn’t need favorite by default

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