home reno!

home reno!

almost a year ago, nate and i bought our house. one of the perks of buying a house built in 1997 is that you got a sweet corner desk for the family computer.
and while it’s been working for the past year to hold some random stuff and the microwave, it was time to say goodbye to the desk. it jsut wasn’t functional for nate and me (or anyone this time and age, frankly).
i went to menards and bought a couple wall cabinets, sanded them down, and painted them. also found a cabinet on facebook marketplace that was about 5 inches shorter than the wall width, which was ok since i wasn’t going to move my outlets. sanded that bad boy was well and painted it. i’m not sure i’m sold on cabinet paint, but it is what it is.
took out the corner cabinet, sanded down some of the wall, and painted it to match the rest of the kitchen.
then charlie came up this weekend to help hang the cabinets.
got everything squared away (literally), and it looks SO much better. much more functional, too. the only thing that i would like is a better way to deal with the outlets, but that requires either paying someone to move some electrical or learning electrical myself.*
tomorrow i’m replacing the fences so it’s not so dark over there and just have to patch up a few paint nicks and figure out if i need some trim along the shelves. not entirely worried about it though.
next up is to paint the rest of my kitchen cabinets. and replace the floor. yuck!
*actually, i should take intro to electrical at work. and intro to plumbing. i get free credits!

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  1. i don’t think the electrical would be that hard to move (says the person who’s learning how to run additional lighting in her basement). you should take a class! i should take a class!

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