just an update

just an update

oh hi there! i’ve been busy making pickles and haven’t had a chance to blog. (that’s not true. i think i’m just lazy.)

  1. garden is almost at the ready. lots of tomatoes but only a few have turned red so far, but my cukes have come in. like i said, i’ve made a couple batches so far and one is coming tomorrow. i got a new bell sauce maker from the craigslist killer for 1/3 the price, so i’m pretty stoked about that. no more blanching tomatoes and peeling them! hallelujah! that was such a time suck. it’s also good for applesauce, so if i actually get any apples off my trees this year, that’ll be great for apple butter.
  2. ragnar is slowly approaching. i like trail running now that i have appropriate shoes! they make SUCH a huge difference. even the hills are a little ok when i’m out there and have the right shoes. tomorrow night i think i’m going to shoot for 5 miles on the trail and see what happens. 
  3. movements to buy a cabin are underway! my sisters and i have opened a savings account and are ready to start dumping some money in it. maybe in a couple years we’ll have a down payment!
  4. and ARIZONA tickets and reservations have been made!!!! #soexcited. we fly out on the 14th at night (it was cheaper to get that flight and hotel than to fly out the 15th) and get back on the 22nd. it should be fun!

well, i’m not going to promise to blog better, readers, but i promise that while i’m in AZ, i’ll be blogging every day. ok, i’m out! i’m tired of the political atmosphere, but it’s possible a politiblog may crop up soon. sigh.

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