flip phone update

flip phone update

i think my regression experiment is over. my awesome motorola razr is unable to find a signal.
which is ok, i guess. i’m going to continue to work on leaving my phone in another room and also looking at the internet less (it doesn’t do much when i look at my laptop instead of my phone).
i’m a much less angry person now than i was when i started this project. that’s probably a result of a few things:

  1. i’ve curated my facebook and twitter feeds to be less news and more other stuff i’m interested in: books, cats, yoga, running, gardens, weird facts, etc.
  2. i’ve been trying to let the news roll off my back. i’m not ignoring it, but i’m not actively dwelling on it, for the most part. i’ve been trying to do something positive to counteract the negative. DT defunds conservation efforts? well, i guess i’m donating more money to the minnesota dnr. (on a related note, i feel like this is what republicans would prefer – private donations to causes – but i don’t foresee my taxes going down to counter my donations. grr.)
  3. i’ve been trying to be more meditative. i subscribed to headspace for a while and learned how to move anxiety out. also, yoga definitely helps. 

back to my iphone 5 for now. having emojis back will be nice! also being able to see people’s pictures they send via text message. i am going to try to keep the apps to a minimum like i currently have. 
if it comes to a point where i start getting ragey again, it might be time to deactivate some social accounts.
goodbye, razr. if everyone still used flip phones, i’d definitely get you fixed. i’m kind of sad my experiment fizzled out, but i’m impressed it lasted for four months or so…
tomorrow: a running update.

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