see ya 2016. bye. just go away.

see ya 2016. bye. just go away.

2016 was not a good year for celebrities or politics. or bernie sanders fans. D;
anyway, let’s take a look at my resolutions for this year and see where i ended up.

  1. same old same old: take more pictures.
  2. train for the half marathon liz and i signed up for in may!
  3. maybe a deck this year?
  4. spend more time at whitewater. it worked well last year; i should be able to keep the trend!
  5. another garden – fine tune my plant-starting skills. they need help.
  6. i have no trip plans besides my derry fam reunion in july. i wouldn’t mind an excuse to go somewhere, though
  7. let’s try kablpoye again. i felt like it was a good exercise in making sure i wrote every day, and i know my four readers enjoyed it. every day blogging, here i come.
  8. i think i should just focus on being happy! whatever makes me happy, i’ll try to do. 


  1. same old same old: FAIL. BUT. summer 2017 i got another gig doing a photoshoot for a book. awesome!
  2. CHECK! train i did, and finish we did!!! in may, liz and i ran a half marathon in sub 13-minute miles! it was long. it was difficult. it was really hard on my hamstring. BUT WE FINISHED. huzzah! now liz wants to do a marathon. i’ve got to get my foot figured out before then.
  3. well, yes. we did put on a deck. unfortunately, i don’t get to enjoy it.
  4. that didn’t happen 🙁 
  5. a garden DID happen. i had a ton of tomatoes and a ton of pumpkins – it was awesome. however, i didn’t get to spend as much time as i’d’ve like in it.
  6. trip? did someone say TRIP???? OMG. CHECK. i went on a TRIP. jane and i went to california!!! it was awesome. i’d go back.
  7. FAIL. every day blogging just didn’t happen. i don’t know if i’d try it again. i’ll have to think about it.
  8. you know what makes me happy? being in central minnesota. and guess what. i made that happen. in april i had an interview at the college and accepted the job offer. started commuting between st. charles and st cloud in may, and in july, someone put an offer on our house. we bought a house in avon, just four miles from the st. john’s campus. in september, we closed on both houses and moved up here. there are some little things that i forgot about – namely the traffic and the hatred – but overall, it’s VERY GOOD TO BE BACK. and nate just got a full-time job at the holiday station in albany, so things should be smoothing out. i’d call this one a check, even though it took some work to get there. CHECK CHECK CHECK!

some not so great things about 2016: my grandma died. she’s been on a downhill slide for a long time, and about 5 months prior to her death, she was pretty much bed bound. so that sucked. i did get to see her a few times before she died, so that was good.
2017 resolutions to come. 

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