thanksgiving foods

thanksgiving foods

thanksgiving is coming up so quickly! of course there’s going to be a nice, organic, free-range turkey in the oven, and i’m going to make pies, pumpkin and raspberry rhubarb i believe.
so this weekend i have to go shopping for such foods, and it’ll be interesting if i get out of the driveway. my drive home took me almost twice as long as it normally does due to the snow today. OMG. i can’t believe they didn’t close the campus. the roads were icy and snow was blowing over them from the 50-mph winds howling out of the north. 
the worst part of the drive, and i was expecting it, was my road – parkwood circle. i hadn’t expected them to plow it already, but there was so much snow on the ground that it was right at the bottom of my car body as i was driving through the ruts in the road. then there was the hill. i was worried i was going to have to have nate come attach a rope to my car and pull me up the hill, but after 5mph and crossing my fingers, i made it up. my driveway was the easy part! i just glided right down and into the garage. 
i’m supposed to go to spicer tomorrow, but we’ll see if we’ll get the driveway cleared out in time. i’m also supposed to hang my xmas lights this weekend, but not sure if that’ll happen (should’ve done it last month).
that totally diverged from thanksgiving foods. here’s what i think i’m making:

  • turkey
  • stuffing
  • cranberry stuff (hot or cold – not sure yet
  • squash galette
  • sweet potato stuff
  • potatoes/gravy
  • beans or mushrooms or something. glazed carrots??
  • pie, pie, and pie
  • eggnog! 

i feel like i’m missing something…

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