…where we’re still not sure what’s going on!
here’s what i do know: starting sunday, nov. 6, i’ll be blogging about being in california. there will be harry potter stuff, ocean stuff, beach stuff, foodstuffs, national park stuff, and generally a lot of stuff that you don’t see here on a regular basis. so at least you’re certain of what’s happening during one week of kablpomo.
other than that, it could be a free for all! the disney movie idea is just too time consuming. maybe it’ll be life post-move? politiblog on steroids? central MN wanderings? catblog? pintertest again?
but here’s what else i know:
last year, kablpomo was focused on charlie because of his accident. this year? the boy is alive and kicking, so there will be no sadness! *thumbs up*
so far the general consensus has been that 2016 has sucked. let’s try to make it less sucky with some decent blogging! and if you have any ideas, post them and i’ll take them into consideration!

2 thoughts on “WELCOME TO KABLPOMO 2016

  1. good idea! i’m with you. i’ve talked to melissa who’s annoyed at the whole situation. apparently there was plenty of pre-construction discussion with the american indians that has pretty much been ignored, so i’d definitely like to do some more research in that.

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