all about me

all about me

the other day charlie was having bad day (well, a bad week i guess), and he said, “what do you care – this week has been all about you.”
is that so bad?? sorry charlie, every once in a while a person’s entitled to some time that’s all about them. and it’s not like i was forcing him to feed me grapes while i was lounging on a yacht somewhere. this is some self work to better my and nate’s living situation. not quite sure why that’s entirely bad. (wait – yes i do know. it’s because if it pans out, it disrupts his life.) to which i said, “me before we, bro.” 
baconother than my busy traveling week last week and some good news and some tenterhooks i’m currently waiting on, things are progressing on the old homestead quite nicely. i’ve got a permit in for my deck, my community garden space is reserved, and nate and i spent $250 on food, so hopefully we shouldn’t be hungry for a while. oh, and my half hog came in at the meat market. i spent less on a half a hog than i did on food at costco and aldi the previous weekend. but pork is cheap. and now i have a lot of bacon. 😀
on reddit a couple weeks ago, i found out about this online freelancing service, upwork. i put my resume out in the intertubes, and now i have a freelance job! it’s pretty easy, i’m working for cheap, and they don’t pay out unless i have $100 amassed, but it should be a pretty nice way to make some extra cash (which i could use for that deck. and possibly gas money. bleah.) looks like i can make up to $200 a week, which is some nice mad money if i need it. 
that’s all i got!

3 thoughts on “all about me

  1. What prompted his response? That’s kind of a bratty thing to say-the several months that were all about him weren’t enough for him?

  2. he’s having issues coming to terms with the fact that it won’t be an easy recovery. this is taking longer than he thought it would.

  3. I was trying to make a joke and it didn’t work out very well. I really am glad that you got the job and get to move back to where you like to be! Added bonus is that you don’t have to listen to my dumb jokes anymore (I’ve come to terms with the fact that my jokes are dumb these days). Sorry Kate

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