the foot's a game

the foot's a game

i’ve been having trouble with my heel spur again -_-
i’ve had heel spur/plantar fasciitis issues for a while, and last summer i got a cortisone shot in my heel. it’s been glorious! no pain in the mornings, i can walk on my foot like a normal person, nothing is weird.
then a couple weeks ago, i noticed as i ran downhill, i got a sharp, shooting pain straight up from my heel to the base of my toes, right down the middle of my foot. uh-oh. the past couple runs have been tough for my foot after about 3 miles, and when you’re training to run 13 miles, 3 miles is really not a lot. 
i have new shoes. i have orthotics. i got some kinesiology tape to tape up my foot. i have an ankle wrap i can use as a last resort (it cuts off circulation). i am almost tempted to get reshot with cortisone, but that’ll put me out of commission for at least a week. 
less than two months to the half marathon! come on, foot, can you make it??

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  1. just putting this out there – if we end up not doing the half, i won’t be sad. i’m doing what i can to prep for it, but i won’t be crying at all if may 7th comes along and neither one us is prepared and/or healthy enough (i’m looking at you, heel spur) for it. that said, i’m still committed! hoping to get a 5 mile in this weekend!

  2. well, if anything, we can walk some of it. BUT WE’RE DOING IT. i don’t care if my foot falls off mid race. you and your crazy ideas!!!
    i’ve got 7 miles this weekend, and i’m going to truss up my foot to the max and see what happens. cuz if i need a cortisone shot, now’s the time to get it.

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