a little hike

a little hike

there are a few state parks clustered in southeastern minnesota, a couple along the river and a couple right around where i live. i’ve been to whitewater numerous times, but decided today to check out carly state park, which is a small park just south of plainview. 
it reminded me a little bit of whitewater, with the river running through it (ahem, the whitewater river) and a large grassy area of picnicking. there are also some camping sites.
i decided to go for a hike since i was there! it was a nice hike, and it reminded me of how i want to hike the superior hiking trail, which runs up along lake superior from duluth to the tip of the state, hitting canada. i’d like to do this in the next couple years, but it depends on my hiking partner (liz) and when she can do it. in the meantime, i keep looking out for cheap gear to stock up. 

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  1. summer 2017. i will not be pregnant (oh lord i better not be) and i will not be breastfeeding (the idea of trying to pump boobs on a hiking trail doesn’t seem logistically feasible to me…). start planning.

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